Visit to UNC Charlotte Campus

While I often wish I was younger, I rarely wish I was 18 again. But, if there was ever a time I wished that I was 18, it was during my visit to UNC Charlotte, I was completely awestruck and amazed. The campus is located about 20 minutes from downtown Charlotte. However, it could just as easily be placed on a private island. It is a self-contained center of learning. There are no major streets running through campus. The buildings are in a giant cluster with the major roads around the perimeter. Most are new or renovated. No old, crappy worn-down classrooms here. Within a few months, the light rail will run from campus to downtown Charlotte. It is well-planned. and well-maintained. I was incredibly impressed. Here are some of the spots we visited:

Student Union

Here’s a shot from the Student Union looking at the campus

UNC Charlotte from the Student Union

The campus planners did an incredible job of incorporating nature into the campus. There are trees everywhere. We didn’t visit the hiking trail, but saw it on the campus map.

Bridge outside of the dining hall at UNC Charlotte
Fountain at UNC Charlotte

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to study next to a pond with a fountain?

I loved the art and sculpture seen throughout the campus.


Sculpture at UNC Charlotte
Bronze Gold Panner Sculpture at UNC Charlotte

There’s even attention to small details like these metal leaves that are seen throughout.

Metal Leaf Detail at UNC Charlotte

I was part of this visit since my niece is considering the architecture program. Having a design education myself, I could truly appreciate the amenities offered. Two steps into the Storr Building where architecture is taught, and I was impressed.

Inside the Storr Building at UNC Charlotte

It only got better.

The atrium at the center is where the professor’s offices are housed.

Atrium inside the Storr building at UNC Charlotte

The studios for all of the architecture students are placed along one side of the building.  They have locking desks and their own space.  I can’t even begin to relate how awesome this is!  So much better than when I was a student hauling my projects all over campus.

Architecture Studio at UNC Charlotte

There’s even an amazing gallery in the building.

Gallery in the Storr Building at UNC Charlotte

As if all of this wasn’t enough, our next stop was lunch.

Now I may be influenced by the fact that I was just on a cruise, but the dining hall completely reminded me of being on the Lido Deck of a ship. I was like, “Seriously? Wow!”  The different food stations included a salad bar, a burger bar, made-to-order omelet station, pizza, soup, fruit bar, pizza, a section with jerk chicken and sides, a cereal station, and even a dessert counter! We tried a wide sampling of the food and everything was great!

The dining hall at UNC Charlotte

I’m really glad I had the chance to go on this tour.  If my niece decides to attend here, I’m confident that she will have a positive experience.  I know that if I had my education to do all over again, I would love to be a student at UNCC.

Here are a couple more shots of the campus, including one of me and my mini-me, Gabby.

UNC Charlotte
Me and Gabby at UNC Charlotte

What do you think of this campus? Leave a comment below.

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